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Request for Proposals - Round II

The Boothbay Pilot relies upon NTA resources that are owned by third-parties and not GridSolar. The intent is for GridSolar to procure these resources through an open Request for Proposals process. There are certain guidelines, however, that are specified in the PUC Order that reflect the pilot nature of this project and the intent of all parties to learn as much as possible from this effort.

NTA Resource Guidelines:

  • The NTA resources procured by GridSolar shall be based upon a balancing of the cost, reliability and diversity of the NTA resources, and shall further the Pilot project purposes and the legislature’s smart grid goals and policies established in 35-A M.R.S.A § 3143.
  • GridSolar shall, to the extent feasible considering the above criteria, include a minimum of 250 kW of NTA resources in each of the following categories: energy efficiency, demand response, renewable distributed generation (at least half of which shall be photovoltaic solar energy), and non-renewable distributed generation (with preference given to resources with no net emissions of greenhouse gases), and the cost per KW of each source may not exceed the cost per KW of the replaced transmission of the Pilot.

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Executed Contracts As of June 21,2013

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