Clean, affordable energy from the sun
A Smart Electric Grid for Maine
Compare The GridSolar Project to CMP's Plan
CMP GridSolar
Grid Reliability
Meets Federal
NERC Reliability Standards
Yes Yes
Total Cost at full build-out $1.5 billion $1.5 billion
Can be developed incrementally
as peak load grows
No. The full $1.5 billion is committed upfront. If load does not grow or if technology changes the way we use electricity, this investment could become stranded. Yes. The GridSolar project will be built out as load grows. No money will be invested in the hopes that "they will come."
Creates savings for Maine Ratepayers No. All electricity will be imported and Maine ratepayers will pay the market price, currently around 8-cents a kWh. Yes. Electricity generated by GridSolar projects in Maine and will be available to ratepayers at cost - a fixed price of 3-cents a kWh for 20 years.
Environmental Issues
Provides renewable, zero emission energy No. Electricity generated to meet peak loads will come from fossil fuel plants. Yes. Solar power will displace fossil fuel use and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 500,000 tons a year - equivalent to taking 100,000 cars off the road.
Environmental siting concerns Yes. Transmission rights of way are controversial and, because they are location dependent, require the use of eminent domain to take land from private citizens. No. Distributed solar generation is low to the ground, makes no noise, has no potential negative health effects and is not location dependent. No eminent domain.
Jobs and Economic Development
Creates Construction Jobs Yes, in the construction of new or upgraded transmission lines. Yes, in the fabrication of solar panels, site preparation and installation.
Creates new jobs in Maine once operational No. Yes, in operations and maintenance of distributed solar generation facilities.
Opportunity to create new industrial development in Maine No. Transmission poles, towers and lines are manufactured out of state. Yes. Manufacturing and fabrication of solar panels is an emerging industry. New capacity can be located in Maine.