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The Boothbay Region of CMP’s electric grid is a peninsula that is served by a single transmission line. This Region is shown as inside the purple line on the map below. The growth of summer electric load is now close to the point of exceeding the capacity of that line on the hottest days of the summer, when temperatures exceed 90 degrees. CMP has indicated that it will cost approximately $18 million to upgrade this line to increase its capacity to handle the few hours in any year when it is at risk.

The GridSolar Boothbay Pilot Project involves the development (through third-party entities), operation and control of up to 2,000 kW of distributed generation, energy conservation and demand response located in the Boothbay Region. These resources are referred to collectively as Non-Transmission Alternatives or NTAs. In order for these NTAs to provide a reliability benefit, they must be capable of operating so as to reduce the power inflows into the Boothbay Region when called upon to do so. The ability to secure these NTAs will result in a net load reduction in the Boothbay Region, which would avoid the need for the $18 million rebuild of the transmission line.

The Pilot Project has received approval of the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

PUC Order Approving Pilot Project


The Pilot is scheduled to run for three years according to the following schedule of activities. By clicking on the highlighted text, you will find additional information related to each of these activities.

Boothbay Pilot Project Schedule:

  • GridSolar is to conduct outreach efforts to various stakeholders and potential NTA resource providers.
  • GridSolar to develop Request for Proposals (RFP) for NTA resources for PUC approval by September 2012.
  • GridSolar to solicit NTA resources pursuant to Request for Proposals – October 2012.
  • GridSolar to negotiate contracts with NTA resources – target date for finalizing contracts is December 2012. Contracts have to be approved by PUC.
  • Development NTAs – Prior to July 1, 2013
  • Testing/Evaluation of NTA resources – First Test – July 2013
  • Operation of Pilot Project – July 2013 – June 2016.

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